From the Rectory - June 2018

Dear Friends A few days ago I went to a supper at Wolvesey in Winchester with a focus on pioneering. You may have heard of ‘pioneer ministry’ or ‘fresh expressions of church’. They’ve been around for quite a few years now and have grown hugely. Recent research has identified 1109 fresh expressions in 21 Dioceses (Church of England only) with 50,600 people attending. One of the most popular fresh expressions to take off – perhaps the most popular – has been Messy Church. But it’s grown so much, now on several continents, that it seems ‘normal’ – to me, at any rate! What is a pioneer? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘an initiator of a new enterprise, an inventor’ and ‘an expl

Faith Article - To Serve, not to be Served

Picture: Foot Washing - Sieger Koeder They had opened up a can of worms, these boys. They asked to be treated as ‘favourites’, with privilege; their ambition (and their mother’s!) was to be chosen as ‘the special ones’. His equals, no less! Boy, did it cause trouble with the other ten. The dispute was still simmering a week later – that final week, when they were all together for their last meal this side of the cross… It is the way of the world – this innate desire to be treated differently from everyone else, to be served rather than to serve; to be ‘the exception’ on our ‘journey’; the first on the aircraft of Life, in the front, individual, reclining seats with leg room and privacy a

Christian Aid Week result

Thank you so much to everyone who collected or donated to Christian Aid this year. We raised £1452 - £80 more than last year! – which includes £345 from our May Café @ St Mary’s. It was also really good to hear Gospel Phonics, a local community choir, at our café – thank you to them for coming along, encouraging us to join in at times, and creating a very special atmosphere for the day. And a special, huge thank you to Jeanette for organising all of our Christian Aid giving again this year.

Children's Society donations

I am pleased to report that this year Bishopstoke Parish donated £496.76 to the work of The Children’s Society through the home-held boxes. This is another year of generous giving despite the shrinking number of box­-holders. The Children’s Society works with children and young people who, right now in Britain are feeling scared, unloved and unable to cope. They listen, support and act. There are no simple answers, so the Society works with other organisations and professionals to tackle the complex problems. The supporters, such as the box-holders around the country, fund the services of The Children’s Society and join their campaigns to show children and young people they are on their s

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