Grub Club!

Towards the end of the summer holidays we will be providing simple meals at St Paul's, in particular to help families who are struggling in the absence of school lunches. They will take place on the following dates from 5 – 6 pm: August 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31. o If you’d like to come, please let Lucy know. o If you are interested in helping, either with cooking or general welcome and hospitality, please let Lucy know. Lucy can be contacted on or text to 07885 704366. Anyone is most welcome to come along! Many thanks!

From the Rectory - August 2018

Dear Friends Last week, Anne (my wife) read me Guy Singh-Watson’s latest ‘News from the farm’, which we receive in our Riverford organic vegetable box: ‘The reservoirs are all but empty. We have kept back just enough to water our five acres of tunnels; the outdoor crops will have to fend for themselves. Without rain, the shallow-rooting, quick-growing and water-demanding crops like lettuce, spinach and rocket will start suffering within a week and be unmarketable in two. Prospects for broccoli and potatoes aren’t much better…’ I said, ‘You’re reading it as if it comes from Amos!’ (Amos being one of those doom and gloom Old Testament prophets). But some things are growing well in this weat

From the Curate - July 2018

Dear Friends How can it be a year? On 1 July 2018 I will have been ordained deacon a year, and the day before I will, if all goes as planned, be ordained priest. For those of you not familiar with the Church of England vocations process, it is quite a complicated affair. It starts with having a conversation with your vicar, then with the local Diocesan Vocations Advisor, and then, after many conversations, reading and possibly some essays, they may recommend that you attend a section conference. If you are approved at the selection conference (called the Bishops’ Advisory Panel or ‘BAP’) you then undertake 2-3 years of ordination training. During the final year of this you will be offered

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