Clothes Sale

On Saturday 23 March at our next Café @ St Mary’s we will also be running a second-hand clothes sale. You are very welcome to bring your (good quality) used clothes along (children's or adults’). You decide how much to sell them for and 50% goes to church funds, the rest to you. Please bring the clothes from 9.30 am onwards on the day, and money and any unsold clothes may be collected at 12.30 pm. Many thanks.

From the Curate - February 2019

Dear Friends As I write this piece, the Brexit deal vote has gone to Parliament and Theresa May’s deal was rejected overwhelmingly. The country slid further into uncertainty about its future. At the moment the news is full of difficult issues around the ever-present Brexit debate. People are verbally and physically attacking MPs and each other as they go about their daily lives and business, anger seems all too prevalent in society, and people are asking themselves, ‘What this country coming to? Where is our hope? Where is our peace? On social media recently, a prayer taken from the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer was being posted widely: A prayer for the High Court of Parliame

Coffee Morning

Prayer Healing Fellowship will be holding their winter Coffee Morning at St Paul's on Saturday 9 February, 10 am - 12 noon. There will be a few stalls: cakes, groceries, cards, knitwear and books, though no bric-a-brac this time. Please come and browse, enjoy a cuppa and some company, and also help us raise some money so that we can continue to help people here and abroad with funds and, above all, prayers.

Christmas Giving

Thank you so much for all of your generosity over the Christmas period. Members of the church and community gave £90 to ARK Eastleigh for their hampers; £88 to the Children’s Society at Christingle; and, last but not least, a wonderful £571 to Open Doors, our Christmas charity for the year, which serves persecuted Christians in many parts of the world. All of this will make a real difference to people’s lives in our community, Britain and other parts of the world today.

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