Grub Club & BBQ Fridays

Firstly, a big thank you to all who helped, served and prayed. There were many special memories and times of listening and being able to bless our community. The two types of event had slightly different ‘feels’ to them, but we were able to serve some caringly prepared food each night. All credit to the cooks, especially BBQ king, Martin, who was also to be spotted going round with a large teapot! St Paul’s garden was a real blessing, allowing the children to run and have fun. We were able to have games and a few activities around the food time, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Connections from last year were revisited and some people came with church members. Providing food is su

All Souls service - remembering departed loved ones

This year, our All Souls service will take place on Sunday 3 November at 3.30 pm at St Mary’s. This is a time when you can come to church to remember departed loved ones, whether they have passed away recently or some years ago. The gentle service will last about 40 minutes and there will be the opportunity to light candles in memory of your loved ones. Afterwards, refreshments will be served and people will be around for a chat, if you would like to stay.

Prayer Healing Fellowship Anniversary

It’s that time of year again! Prayer Healing Fellowship looks forward to celebrating 42 years of prayer, love and fellowship. Please come and celebrate with us at our service on Wednesday 30 October at 2.30pm at St Paul's Church, Fair Oak Road, Bishopstoke. Our speaker this year is Ann Arnold, whom many of you will have met in her work as a Funeral Director at W G Bush. Ann has now retired, so I snapped her up to talk about her time there, and how her faith helped her. The service will be followed with refreshments and time to chat!

From the Curate - October 2019

Dear Friends A few months ago I lost my Bible. I am not the most organised of people, as those of you who know me can attest, and my Bible is something that journeys with me most places that I go. So somewhere I had put it down and forgotten to pick it up. I searched everywhere I could think of – high and low. It left me feeling bereft – I mean, I have other Bibles, but this was MY Bible. It was a special Bible designed to add notes and draw – it had seen me through ordination and priesting and I knew it. I knew where to flip to for certain verses and where to find certain passages. I felt lost. But it didn’t stop me reading my Bible. I am always surprised – although I shouldn’t be – h

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