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Creation Care

Along with many other churches and community groups, we seek to care for creation, putting into practice the Anglican Communion's Fifth Mark of Mission


To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.  


This is more urgent than ever, given the climate emergency, and the Church of England's General Synod has called for all parts of the church, including parish churches, to be net zero carbon by 2030. 


We have an Eco team and are pleased that St Mary's achieved a Bronze EcoChurch award in December 2022.  We are keen for any members of our community to join us in caring for the natural world, and we sometimes hold eco events which are open to everyone.  You may like to support in these ways:

Compost bins  We have compost bins in St Mary’s churchyard (near the hedge on the east side of the church) and at St Paul’s (at the front on the left-hand side of the car park).  You are very welcome to put the following items in them: cut flowers, vegetable peelings, fruit cores and peel / skin, nettles, compostable cups.  Please do not put plastic, dog poo, hedge cuttings, grass cuttings, horsetail weed or other food waste in the bin.  Many thanks.

Recycling  We encourage you to bring your standard milk bottle tops (red, green, blue or orange) to church for recycling.  If you use tetra paks (e.g. with fruit juice or milk in), please bring them to church in carrier bags (washed out but still with lids) or leave them outside the Rectory, and they will be taken to a recycling point.  We can also take Pringle (or similar) tubes to the same place.  We encourage you to take soft plastics to local supermarkets for recycling.  Co-op on Fair Oak Road and Sainsbury’s, Eastleigh are able to take:

  • Crisp and snack packets

  • Bread bags

  • Chocolate and biscuit wrappers

  • Baby and pet food pouches

  • Peelable film lids, cling film and multipack film

  • Pasta, rice, cereal, and carrier bags

  • Fruit, vegetable and salad bags

  • Magazine and newspaper wrapping

  • Toilet roll and kitchen roll wrapping

Please contact us if you have any queries or ideas for us to consider.

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