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Women’s World Day of Prayer 2016

This year the people of Cuba have written the material for our worship. They share their hopes and fears, asking for prayer for the future of their country after a long political struggle and economic embargo.

It is estimated that roughly 3 million people in over 170 countries will come together to answer their request for prayer using the same order of service translated into about 60 languages and 1000 dialects.

The theme this year is ‘Receive children, Receive me’ and reflects words from Mark’s Gospel, chapter 10, which is a reminder that everyone, regardless of age, is a child of God and is equally worthy of love and respect.

This is not just a day of prayer for women. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship and refreshments.

When? Friday 4th March at 2 pm

Where ? Bishopstoke Methodist Church, Sedgwick Road

Ann Brown

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