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Christian Aid Week 2020

This year Christian Aid Week runs from 10 - 16 May.  Normally, members of our church and community would be going around Bishopstoke knocking on doors and collecting people's donations.  I love doing that, partly because I get the chance to chat to many of my neighbours - it's not all about Christian Aid!  And like many others, I will really miss those chats this year.  In recent years we've also had a well-supported Café @ St Mary's for Christian Aid, and this has made a real difference to the amount we've been able to send to the charity.  Last year we raised an amazing £1228.

We obviously cannot do any of these things this week and this is expected to have a huge impact on what Christian Aid is able to do in the developing world this year.  But the neediest people in the world need our support as much as ever, and Christian Aid have changed their plans so that this year's fundraising will help them to tackle coronavirus

Along with other churches, we have set up a JustGiving page for online donations  We've set ourselves the goal of £500, but it would be wonderful if we could exceed that and get much closer to what we raised last year.  If you are able to donate this year and/or share this with others, we'd be really grateful - it will make a great difference to many lives and communities for whom the impact of coronavirus could be catastrophic.

Thank you so much for whatever you can donate to Christian Aid this year. We look forward to letting you know the total!


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