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Women’s World Day of Prayer – 2016

Until a friend of mine had holidayed in Cuba several years ago with a Holiday Fellowship Group I had not thought much about that part of the world. Last year she went back, travelling independently, and this time she saw the ‘real Cuba’. She saw the huge blocks of flats, the dirty streets, the lack of variety of food in the Government controlled shops in contrast to the opulent tourist areas she had been shown previously. She did, however, meet some very friendly and hospitable people willing to share what they had.

As well as the country being situated in the volatile subtropical hurricane belt of the world it has had a volatile social and economic history, including a civil war, a revolution and a trade embargo by the USA. However, there is hope for the future as recently diplomatic relations have been restored with the USA and strengthened recently by a visit to Havana by Barack Obama. The health service is now becoming excellent with many young doctors being trained abroad but expected to return to Cuba to work. All children are being educated and the position of women in society is improving.

The Cuban Women’s World Day of Prayer Committee had asked for prayers that this social, spiritual and economic growth may continue by putting together a service called ‘Receive Children, Receive Me’, using Mark 10.13-16 as their reference, reminding us that we are all God’s children, whatever our age and circumstances .

Thank you to everyone who took part in that worship in March – to the readers, the singers, the organist, and to the Methodists in Sedgwick Road for hosting the afternoon. From the offering we were able to send a cheque for £60 to add to the WWDP Project Fund, which is spread around the world where needed.

Next March the service will have been written by the people of te Philippines with the theme of ‘Am I being fair to you?’ See you there? At St Paul’s next time!

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