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Advent Stillness

The Community of Hopeweavers will be holding their Advent quiet events at St Mary’s this year. This is a great opportunity for creative reflection and stillness in the midst of a season so often busy with Christmas preparations.

There will be a Quiet Evening on Friday 8 December from 7.30 - 9.30 pm and a Quiet Morning on Saturday 9 December from 10 am - 12.30 pm, followed by space to share our packed lunches (optional). The sessions will include the Hopeweavers craft areas for those who like to reflect and respond to God in that way.

You will be most welcome, whether you worship at St Mary’s and St Paul’s, another church or no church. The Hopeweavers style is very welcoming and accessible; each session begins and ends with a gentle form of prayer, and the central part of each session is spent in silence, possibly reading, reflecting or doing something creative.

To book a place at one or both, please email or phone 07821 105245. Alternatively, you can contact our church via this website and we will book a space for you.

There is a suggested donation of £10 for one of these sessions to cover materials and the church heating, but this is entirely optional and no one should feel that they cannot come on account of that. To find out more about Hopeweavers, please take a look at

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