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Murder Mystery Night

Who is the mysterious stranger who arrives at the Messy Church of St Ethel the Less? What passions are seething beneath the vicar's cassock? What dark secrets is the shifty treasurer hiding? What derring-do is being done over the kitchen counters? Are the craft activities as innocent as they seem? And what is the caretaker up to in the vestry?

Come and detect who is the dreaded murderer of Snoddington, on this dark and stormy night, when the river Snod has flooded its banks and trapped everyone in the church until the murderer is unmasked...

Your team of razor-sharp detectives will have the chance to interview the six suspects in turn, before revealing who you think dunnit.

Are you up for the challenge? St Mary's, Church Road, Bishopstoke Friday 8 February

7.30 – 9 pm

Everyone of any age welcome! Bring a team or come on your own. Nibbles and soft drinks provided. Bring a bottle if you'd like to. Entrance Free.

All donations towards St Mary’s vestry renovation gratefully received.

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