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Grub Club & BBQ Fridays

Firstly, a big thank you to all who helped, served and prayed. There were many special memories and times of listening and being able to bless our community.

The two types of event had slightly different ‘feels’ to them, but we were able to serve some caringly prepared food each night. All credit to the cooks, especially BBQ king, Martin, who was also to be spotted going round with a large teapot!

St Paul’s garden was a real blessing, allowing the children to run and have fun. We were able to have games and a few activities around the food time, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Connections from last year were revisited and some people came with church members.

Providing food is such a great opportunity for the church to love people, and there was plenty of love in the food provided. We even had a huge box of chocs given to us one evening, so thank you to the donor of those – little eyes were aglow at them!

If you have any feedback or thoughts, we’d be really glad to hear from you and it may help us to know what to do next year. (Please contact Richard or Kat, or send a message via this website.)

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